>Day Three: LA


Still in LA. I feel a bit like I am in a bad MTV reality show at times. The sound at the venue (Room 5) is sweet and clear and I feel like it gives me wings to do vocal acrobatics…Below the strange pressures of marketing this show, I feel a sense of calm. Being able to be on tour and take this musical energy and move with it, sprinkling seeds in every town. The thought of disappointment that the room wasn’t full pops up, and leads to another that was distinct and resolute, a grounded voice speaking: It doesn’t matter if people are in the room because I am playing for God. It kind of surprised me, really, the wording of it…. the meaning of it. But it stays with me and comforts me during the moments of sleep deprivation, questioning and exhaustion.

While I loved staying in Santa Monica, seeing the ocean, and getting a taste of SoCal, I have never been happier to hit the road…Playing at Room 5 in LA…

Sparkling Delight….my undying love for the pacific ocean…(in Santa Monica before the gig)

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