The Valley Sessions “Seattle Song”

This song was written on one of my trips to visit my oldest friend Ali. I have known her for 30 years, since kindergarten. We both grew up in Forest Knolls, (West Marin, CA). I recorded this video in the warm late afternoon light in my studio on the hill, only blocks away from where Ali and I grew up together.

Her study of dance took her north to Seattle after High school – our friendship kept alive by letters and yearly visits.  Flying always makes me reflect on and feel whatever is going on more deeply and intensely, something about being above those godly billowing formations where humans are not meant to be. It was my first day there and I was sitting on Ali’s deck with her old guitar (it was up on Capital Hill and you could see the city, the sky needle, the ocean…) and this song came out in full. It was a surrender to my history, my faults, my character flaws, the oldest stories I was holding onto.  Knowing somewhere that one creates either a loving universe or a hostile universe, and being stuck in the former. (The feeling like you aren’t getting what you need from someone/the world, when really it just means you aren’t giving it to yourself and the frustration within that realization.) The acceptance that you have to work out the themes your parents passed down to you no matter how hard you try to out run them.

The “$50 for a new tattoo” line: I did have an appointment to get my “om” tattoo on my wrist but chickened out.  I thought if I got a tattoo it should be in a really good space feeling empowered. (and I did get it finally last year)

Although this song is 5 years old, it always feels true to me. It is track 7 on Acoustic Heart (mp3).

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