P.O. Box 442

My move back to the small town of Forest Knolls awarded me a new post office box (with the proof of a bill or two). Box #442. Jim the postmaster here gave me no choice of numbers, but he assured me #442 was prime real estate with great views.

A portal to the world. A non-virtual inbox. As an admitted mail-whore (or do you prefer mail-nerd?) you have to be careful. One-click Amazon buying will get your more packages, but should be avoided…. Click. Click. Love letters are fun, but I tend to love the letters more than the lovers.

These days my mail comes from my new photo print pen pals (FilmPorVida), a great aunt who is from the older letter writing generation, cards and letters from my oldest friend Ali in Seattle, and photo prints from one photographer boyfriend who picks up on the not so subtle hints about just how much I LOVE getting mail. Hint. Hint. Hint….

PO Box 442

photo by matt patterson photography.

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