Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

there is someplace in between
what we did and what we mean
somewhere on that bit of hip
where your hand rested on that night i slipped
back into your hemisphere

reciting all my favorite words
evolution in reverse
calling for the dead to dance
fairest bones, empty chest
animate the even smallest chance
that a spade is not a spade but
a king of quiet hearts

koi fish and crescent eyes
accept this sputtered story line
of all things the way they are
of how i always tend to fall
with squinted eyes and fingers crossed
waiting for the new year sun to thaw
that thick skinned lake lined with knotted pines
new brides only see the beauty of it all
ignoring cracks and splintered lines
beneath our feet and blinding sheen
was what I wished for it to mean.

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