Poem: The Resolutions

This time
I will really watch how it unfolds
how refracted white is stretched into colored light
each moment an accordion of layered life
multitudes of sizes
shades, scents, horizons

This time
I will come to court you first
pawn my rings for songs
and spend it all on this love
I will let you just Be
(that beautiful spark)
that burns me brighter
and grows the world wider

This time
I will lick the sweetness from my bare hands and skin
ask for forgiveness (not permission)
let every breath have a mission
I will walk these magic hours
under celestial showers
confetti still in my hair
red worn from my lips
from taking bites not sips

This time
I will lean too far
let my toes and feet dangle
into the great raging stream
that teeming, mysterious dream
I’ll let it pull me in
and pull me under
my post constructed selves
absorbed by the salt and swells
lighting up each of these golden cells
like a trillion glittering hearts of hope
tearing down, building up
in an endless symphony of creation.


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