Album Update & New Videos

I am happy to be back on the radar after the holidays and a short vacation from reality (aka the horrible flu that took down most of the country last month).

I feel cleansed and excited to be working on the final tweeks to the album, (tentatively being called “Love It Up” !!!) including some layering of harmonies/ vocals, and some additions to some songs like some organ on the title track.

Once the mix is done, I will switch gears to getting the perks together for all the lovely indiegogo supporters and plan a rad cd release party to celebrate with everyone!

In the meantime…..

I will have some little previews soon of some tracks off the album…it is very different from the last album with more of a full band sound, I am SUPER excited to share it with you! I will also be posting videos of some of the new material (video above is from the recent show at Hopmonk, with the lovely and fabulous Mr Dennis Heneda, who played on 7 of the 10 songs on the album!)

Thank you again for contributing to the album —  it is because of you that it is coming to life!  And thanks for your patience while I pour all my love and heart into finishing this right… More soon…

Sincerely, Brindl

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