LOVE IT UP Radio Report

LOVE IT UP has been getting some radio play! KRSH in Santa Rosa has been spinning tunes as well as some shows from upstate New York (my birthplace) including Mostly Folk, with Artie Martello, broadcast from the Catskill Mountains and WEXT 97.7 in Troy, New York, a rad roots & rock show programmed by Chris Wienk. Listen Local Radio on KNSJ in San Diego and The Miller Tells Her Tale from Scotland!

Replay the shows in full:

Mostly Folk, New York, Artie Martello (Listen)
Listen Local Radio, KNSJ, San Diego, Cathryn Beeks  (Listen)
WEXT 97.7, Troy, New York, Chris Wienk
The Miller Tells Her Tale, Scotland, Karen Miller (LIsten)



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