Fall Tour 2013 Recap!

Never a dull moment on the Fall Tour of 2013. Going into it with the flu, one burst water hose on the volvo, rain in LA! An amazing first Folk Alliance conference in LA. Click on pics below to launch slideshow with captions!



open road….


Lestats with only a few hours to spare….Played some tunes while it down poured outside…


Photo Cred: Dennis Anderson


FAR-West 10th Anniversary Conference!! First night showcase


All Folked Up


Be Where Your Feet Are


Hotel Elevator Selfie


Playing New Voices showcase FAR-West 2013


playing Tall & Short of it Showcase, FAR-West 2013 conference!


Another elevator shot.
hee hee


SLO. Pacific ocean cleansing a weary traveler’s soul.


SLO showcase.
Songwriters at Play


Rob Kimball spinning some eclectic tunes on KCBX before the interview….


live on KCBX!
with Rob Kimball!!!!!


After the ecstasy, the laundry.























































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Quote For Thought

Technology is creating such a bewildering social milieu the monkey mind cannot find a simple story, a creation myth, or a redemption myth to lay over the crazy, contradictory patchwork of profane, techno-consumerist, post-McLuhanist, electronic, pre-apocalyptic existence.

-Terence McKenna, Dreaming Awake at the End of Time

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First Day of Recording!

A dreamy day laying down drum tracks with Mike Stevens and Ben Bernstein on stand-up bass (and engineering!). We made a hot little trio if I do say so myself — and captured some groovy vibes and great takes of some of the more upbeat tunes on the record. It is thrilling to hear my songs so full and powerful. Getting ready for an intense month of recording, more updates soon…

IMG_20130802_120956 IMG_20130803_122300IMG_20130803_122628

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to dream the adventurous dream

July 27th, my dad’s birthday. Alvar would have been 68 today. I had a dream about him 13 years ago, shortly after he died: he was driving in an old blue convertible with the top down on a long stretch of highway, wind in his wavy blonde hair.  He was free, at peace. I’d like to think that adventurous spirit of his is still here, helping me to fearlessly live my own adventure. Reminding me to appreciate each precious day I am given on this earth as another chance to keep growing, creating, learning — to be alive, awake, and experience the great depths (and many forms) of love.


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Fundraiser Meets Goal!

Album Fundraiser a Success!

After 8 weeks of fundraising, the campaign was a smashing success with 94 funders raising $5,595 for studio and duplication costs for the upcoming album.

Thank you to every one who contributed and helped us rock above and beyond the mark! I am in pre-produciton and will be laying down tracks as early as next week, and will be sharing along the way.

The campaign page is still live but contributions through Indiegogo are closed. If you did not get the chance to contribute and would still like to, the perks listed on the indiegogo page are still available this summer while I am recording. Use the button on the right sidebar to contribute and receive your perks.

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Pedaling (homeward)

pedaling (homeward)
all legs, heart, route
one star singled out
with acclimated eyes
dark is not black, it’s gray blue
peace is every heave of breath
turned spoke – thrust
wheels like magnets
skim along this floating crust
(such pull, such trust)
somewhere else the earth does burn
like the sweat down my spine
and turns further west
now that star is lower
i am not a thinker but a knower
dodging headlights
flashing by yellow signs
slivers of faded sky through rows of pines
back up to my plants in pots
pinwheels, prayer flags, chimes
the wind could blow it all away
and this would still be mine.


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Album Fundraiser Hits 80% mark!

brindl 80I am excited to say this week we reached the 80% mark!! I have been blown away by the generosity and out pouring of support from everyone. 66 people so far have contributed to the campaign and countless more have helped by sending it out to their networks. I am energized and inspired by all of it and feel strong, focused and ready to make some magic recording this summer.

The fundraiser has been extended into July in order to give everyone time who wants to be part of it.  We still have $1,000 left to raise in the coming weeks, so if you have not had a chance to contribute now is the time! Even the smaller amounts of $6, $10, and $20 make a difference and gets you the new music when it is done!

Sincerely, Brindl 🙂

Contribute Now



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