Poem: Music Of The Spheres


far from the roar of man made noise

metal cogs & plastic toys


submerged in this aqueous dream

water like speakers to my ears

the deeper I go, the more I can hear

the hum of the planet

the music of the spheres

churning of orbits, hymns of whales


hair twisting & swirling around these limbs out stretched

held and swayed in this amniotic embrace

veins of gold flecked sand

and moss like green lace


flickering light through flesh of eyelids and layered waves

tendon-like tide (flexing, relaxing)

salt meets sea and dissolves

salvia, tears, sweat


like Before –

when I swam out from that smaller womb

but we were real before that

more than strands of spiraled blue prints

pre-finger prints, pre-conception

joyful gleams

born equal of the same resonance

out of that same flash of inspiration


let me float here and remember

your perfect form

where all faults converge

at the epicenter of love.


written at Shell Beach, CA. Photo by Brindl.

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Poem: The Resolutions

This time
I will really watch how it unfolds
how refracted white is stretched into colored light
each moment an accordion of layered life
multitudes of sizes
shades, scents, horizons

This time
I will come to court you first
pawn my rings for songs
and spend it all on this love
I will let you just Be
(that beautiful spark)
that burns me brighter
and grows the world wider

This time
I will lick the sweetness from my bare hands and skin
ask for forgiveness (not permission)
let every breath have a mission
I will walk these magic hours
under celestial showers
confetti still in my hair
red worn from my lips
from taking bites not sips

This time
I will lean too far
let my toes and feet dangle
into the great raging stream
that teeming, mysterious dream
I’ll let it pull me in
and pull me under
my post constructed selves
absorbed by the salt and swells
lighting up each of these golden cells
like a trillion glittering hearts of hope
tearing down, building up
in an endless symphony of creation.


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Pedaling (homeward)

pedaling (homeward)
all legs, heart, route
one star singled out
with acclimated eyes
dark is not black, it’s gray blue
peace is every heave of breath
turned spoke – thrust
wheels like magnets
skim along this floating crust
(such pull, such trust)
somewhere else the earth does burn
like the sweat down my spine
and turns further west
now that star is lower
i am not a thinker but a knower
dodging headlights
flashing by yellow signs
slivers of faded sky through rows of pines
back up to my plants in pots
pinwheels, prayer flags, chimes
the wind could blow it all away
and this would still be mine.


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Blue Moon

Slipping out past parked cars
noisy bars
disconnected payphones
boarded construction zones
wet grass on open toes
sprinklers like rattles
hearts like drums
lit by the stars (those distant suns)
and the clever moon dressed in purples and blues Read more →

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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

there is someplace in between
what we did and what we mean
somewhere on that bit of hip
where your hand rested on that night i slipped
back into your hemisphere

reciting all my favorite words
evolution in reverse
calling for the dead to dance
fairest bones, empty chest
animate the even smallest chance
that a spade is not a spade but
a king of quiet hearts

koi fish and crescent eyes
accept this sputtered story line
of all things the way they are
of how i always tend to fall
with squinted eyes and fingers crossed
waiting for the new year sun to thaw
that thick skinned lake lined with knotted pines
new brides only see the beauty of it all
ignoring cracks and splintered lines
beneath our feet and blinding sheen
was what I wished for it to mean.

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beauty of darkness

down wet side streets
past abandoned yards & hibernating gardens
chasing the distant sun

there is no hiding
after last night’s cold dream
the truth frozen deep for all to see:
we are moving further not closer
and the cells and the seeds and the weeds
all know it

i swing and tilt my core of warmth
through the eddys of cool dampness
bearing the overwhelming
beauty of darkness

Winter Sky


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limantour in august…

high fog blanket
inching in west over the sky
dune grass flirting with the skin on my bare legs and feet

beside this ocean of grit and salt
that cleans all wounds
all excess and endings are consumed
ground down into smooth skulls
soft curves and pleasing lines
white and amber sand

i remember wearing seaweed like hair
in that pink and white ruffled suit
and even before then
i was first collected up into this body of form
given a name in the earliest of mornings

the sun is soft fill now
i throw down my will
now, as we cross the bridge over the dried up estuary.

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