Released Sept 4th, 2014 on Moxy Music, Love It Up is a collection of original songs that could be called folk-nouveau: a unique blend of singer-songwriter folk, soul, and blues.  Brindl collaborated with engineer and bassist Ben Bernstein (New Monsoon, Deborah Crooks, KFOG) to produce and record Love It Up at Mission Recorders in San Francisco. The album features a talented team of players including Mike Stevens on drums (Mark Kozelek, Donna Summer), Dennis Haneda on electric guitar (CJ’s, Bobby Jo Valentine, The Courtney Janes), Jon Mitguard on pedal steel (Danny Click), and Ben Hulan (Courtney Janes) on Mandolin.

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Love It Up Lyrics & Liner Notes Booklet (PDF)

The songs on Love It Up explore themes of empowerment, self-reliance and perseverance. “I wrote the title track Love It Up in a moment of artistic self doubt,” says Brindl. “It’s about finding your strength and letting the love and power of music to be stronger than anything that is thrown at you.”  (“…all the haters and the naysayers/ Don’t let them phase you, let it raise you / High above, you meet fear with love…”) The songs range from the upbeat title track “Love It Up,” to the sweet and catchy baritone ukulele tune “Just What I Need,” to the alt-country flavored song “Understand.”

Love It Up was in part funded by a successful Indiegogo fundraiser and featured an original video short titled This Is Music which edited together hundreds of still photos from the day she was born to present day set to an original piece of music.

The album was recorded in part at Mission Recorders in San Francisco with the core trio of bass, drums and guitar and vocals. “It was important to me that the songs were recorded live to capture an authentic feel.” Overdubs for the album were recorded and mixed at Brindl’s home studio, a cabin in the woods of San Geronimo Valley. “After the initial tracking, I did the vocals, piano, and rough mixing at my studio, which gave me the space and time to really develop the musical ideas without the limitations nd pressures of expensive studio time.” As well as playing acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboards on the album, Brindl also plays the baritone ukulele (“Just What I Need”) and The B-tar (“Unfolding”) a 4 stringed prototype instrument she designed that lends itself to open tuning.


IndieGogo Campaign:
This album was made possible because of the the people who supported LOVE IT UP Indiegogo Campaign.
Below is the list of all who supported this project from the beginning! (not including those who chose to remain anonymous)

Jan Markle, Bryce Alviso, Trev & Carissa Stugard, Beverly D’urso, Halle Clarke, Kirsten Johnson, Michael M. Bauer, Devorah Bry, Scott Markle, Colin Munroe, Mark Morland, Rob Dixon, Preston Mccoy, Charlotte Fuller, Kirsten Johnson, Sara Staley, Stefanie Keys, Michael Anderson, Velvy Appleton, Kara Ghilotti, Jason Ardiles, Tom Finch, Bodhi Setchko, Drew Pearce, Ben Hulan, Helen Richfield, Daniel Heaney, John Paradiso, Matthew Edwards, Courtney Toriumi, Rebecca & Andre, Gary Adler, Krickie Marie, Rachelle Averbach, Matthew Quirie, Ken Griffin, Justin Van Peursem, Freea Sarti, Mark Kahn, Mark Morland, Lilia Ramachandran, Norman Weintraub, Holden Crane, Lucas French, Rod Ghilarducci, Kathy Muller & Gilbert Markle , Phillip Stugard, Roni Krouzman, Margaret Norman, Bobby Jo Valentine, Ruth Carlton, Vicki Leeds, Dennis Haneda, Amy Valens, Bill And Julie Stalker, Brian Stegner, Ben Givens, Jonathan Kahn, Michael Anderson, Jake Jestadt, Jonny Sanchez, Alianna Jaqua, Tim Halikas, Jl Stiles, Viki Markle, Roger Hawcroft, Alexander Montgomery, Lily Krauss


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