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“The album has a warm spacious sound with lots of air and room in the mix to hear not only Brindl’s vocals and lyrics, but the wide stereo feel of the well-arranged music. Stand-up bass, pedal steel, mandolin, guitars, keyboards all melting together behind Brindl’s voice, like dark chocolate. And like dark chocolate, this album would go well with a good bottle of red wine and a fire to curl up to.” ~ Andre de Channes – KRSH Program Director/Midday Host

“Brindl’s songs are exquisitely crafted Cliff Notes to the workings of the human heart.” ~ James Warren Perry, Artist

“In the same way that Feist can evoke wintry Nova Scotia and Fiona Apple makes you picture a jagged Manhattan skyline, Brindl’s California soul-folk calls to mind the coast of West Marin. Rhythms like rolling black oak hills. Melodies that move like streams to an ocean. And stories about unexpected tremors that could shake away the beauty in a heartbeat.” ~ Drew Pearce, Music Writer

“…a well crafted and magically produced album…” ~ Meghan Peddicord

“Brindl’s powerful and heartfelt lyrics tell the story of her soul in her new album Love It Up.  With tendrils of light and dark, sweet and piercing, her poetic and emotional lyrics are encased by her excellent musicianship on the piano and guitar throughout the entire album. Musically, the layers of jazz and blues undertones allows Brindl’s smoky-smooth voice to seduce you with a sound that is nothing but pure joy to behold.” –CAROLYN MCCOY, MUSIC WRITER

“Aficionados of genre-bending female vocalists should become familiar with Brindl.”
~ Mark Pulliam, San Diego Troubador

“Her songs are life-affirming and love-affirming… Brindl’s music doesn’t just affect your ears. It ENWRAPS you.” ~ Millard Fabbro

“powerful and heartfelt..a beautiful album.” ~ Carolyn McCoy, Local Music Vibe

“Brindl’s sultry, retro-folk stylings on ‘Shine’ show just why she’s so quickly earning her reputation in Northern California.” ~ Jason Walsh, Editor, Pacific Sun Weekly

“…breaking all the pop song rules with an unconventional rhyme scheme and captivating lines…”  ~ Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

“Like Norah Jones or Sarah Harmer, Brindl sings with sensuality and grace.” ~ Drew Pearce, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“…a joy to listen to. Kind, funny, sassy, and understanding, Brindl’s heart truly beats through acoustic music. – Tim Mudd, San Diego Troubador (Read Full Review)