3 Morelos Ave

Dream: A great fire had engulfed the valley, my childhood home. Coming over the hill I could see the flames many stories high into the sky and billows of smoke. It was clearly very dangerous and a terrible natural disaster.  They told me it was too dangerous to pass through and should not continue. I did not listen and passed anyway, drove into the fire, wanting to salvage my belongings. As I drove the earth on either side of the highway was scorched and black, but the fire had already passed and it was safe — I was not in danger of being hurt.

This is the house I grew up in during the 80’s. I live less than 1 mile away now in a cabin on the hill. I was graciously lent a new camera called the Holga: plastic body and lens, shoots medium format negative. Unpredictable outcomes.  Accidental art.  My first roll was all valley shots, this one is my favorite because it captures such a almost ghost-like quality of history and nostalgia.

3 morelos ave

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