music & polaroids

Live at The Woods EP is being released today. It is an acoustic set in its entirety from a show I played one year ago in Mill Valley. I am coming back to these songs after a long break. I love these recordings because the songs were still fresh and new and I inhabited them fully that night. I like the fact the recordings have room noise: coughs and chairs scraping against the wooden floor, digital cameras beeping. I like the imperfection and immediacy of the live recording. There is no fixing mistakes, no editing, no hiding our imperfections. It’s commitment to the truth of the moment. (It’s what is often missing from the studio album for me.)

In this space and rest I have turned to other mediums:  I bought a polaroid camera.  I have been inspired by Matt who shoots a lot of medium format film and polaroids.  He has a way of catching people off guard in this raw and awkward moment in between the pose and the picture; it makes me feel less alone in my own human vulnerability. I feel comforted by the immediate and physical proof of the pictures: proof I’m alive and creating even without music the way it used to be.

My musical outlet is obscured right now. I will find my way back by not trying I think, but it is uncomfortable after such an intense long period that was all encompassing. I am looking for peace within the ambiguity.

Self Portrait in Mirror with Fuji Polaroid


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